November 27th 2020 update:  2 NEW dates added to McKinney Cotton Mill site. Limited availability so book fast!


This holiday season we are upping the game! I just became one of the Photographers associated with the McKinney Cotton Mill (proud member of the Millhouse Foundation!) and I am so excited to not only offer 3 amazing sets created by our amazing event decorator but also mini sessions at the Cotton Mill!

How does it work?

  • Choose your location and session type and Book your Session
  • Pay your deposit
    • Deposit will include any session / location fees as well as a $200 deposit towards your order
    • Digital Packs are available at: 5 images for $200; 10 images for $350 and 20 images for $550.  The more you pick the more you save! We also have MANY additional gifts, wall art, photo products, cards, etc to add to your digital package.
  • After your session you may either view online or book a 20 min presentation from Carey Lynn via Zoom!
  • Place your order and wait for the amazing images to be delivered

Tip!! Want to get your extended family together? Book back to back timeslots or contact us for a Full Session

Our Outdoor Winter Set (indoor is coming)


COVID: we shoot in Covid clean-upable areas and capture contactless (more than 6 feet away using longer lenses and flashes).  Sessions are booked to allow time between to allow us to spray / wipe down any area that is used during a session.